Video of DAAS activities

Tokyo Sound Production Inc. (Flash video/swf format: 13 min 03 sec)

This video presents DAAS’s activities. It features talks by people in various fields connected with architecture and space on the significance of digital archives and their expectations for DAAS. *This video is in Japanese.

People featured in the video

・Dr. Shuzo Murakami President, Architectural Institute of Japan

・Mr. Tadanaga Miyamoto President, Japan Federation of Architects & Building Engineers Associations

・Mr. Nobuyuki Yoshida Publisher, Shinkenchiku-sha Co, Ltd

・Mr. Akio Okumura Professor emeritus, Tokyo University of the Arts

・Mr. Koichi Mori Chairman, Wrightian Architectural Archives Japan

・Ms. Chiaki Ueda Manager, Multimedia Division of NHK

・Mr. Tetsuya Minamiseko Vice Chairman, Wrightian Architectural Archives Japan

・Mr. Richard Rogers Architect

・Mr. Kengo Kuma Architect

(Prepared in October 2005)