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The DAAS Consortium manages the DAAS website (hereinafter “the website”) for the purpose of collecting and making available data/materials pertaining to distinguished structures both in Japan and abroad.

All content (including photographic, drawn, and written information) is released to the public in the form that it was supplied to DAAS. Although the DAAS Consortium takes great care in making the data/materials available to the public, it makes no guarantees regarding their authenticity, etc. Accordingly, problems concerning information provided through the website (including inaccurate information and incorrect values) may occur. Moreover, the DAAS Consortium may change or update such information without prior notice.

Photographs and information appearing in the website are current as of the time the relevant photograph was taken or the relevant information was obtained, and therefore they may not reflect current conditions.

The DAAS Consortium assumes no responsibility for websites that can be accessed from the website. Websites other than the DAAS website are operated independently of DAAS. The DAAS Consortium makes no guarantees with regard to the content of such websites, nor does it recommend that users access them.

The DAAS Consortium assumes no responsibility for any damage (including computer virus, leakage of private information, loss of data, or any other problem or inconvenience) resulting from use of the website or any website that can be accessed through the website.

Articles, photographs, illustrations, and other forms of content appearing in the website are protected by copyright laws. Accordingly, any duplication, reproduction, translation, reprinting, or similar act without authorization from the copyright holder is prohibited by law.

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