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Note pertaining to “copyrights” in the English version

For all information provided to members by DAAS (DAAS Membership Agreement, Privacy Policy, Personal Information Policy, etc.), that contained in the Japanese shall have priority. Please be aware that information in other languages is provided for reference purposes only.

Intellectual property rights for all content included in the service belong to the Digital Archives for Architectural Space (DAAS) Consortium. However, copyrights pertaining to content (digitalized photographs, etc.) that was supplied to DAAS are maintained by the rights’ holders. DAAS uses said supplied content based on rights regulation, contracts, etc., with rights’ holders.

Content provided by the DAAS website is protected by copyright laws, trademark laws, design laws, etc. Users of the DAAS website agree not to reproduce, disclose, transmit, distribute, transfer, lend, translate, adapt, license, reprint, or otherwise reuse the content of the DAAS website without prior written authorization from DAAS. It should be noted that electronic watermarks are inserted into content (digitalized photographs, etc.) of the DAAS website, and that DAAS conducts regular patrols to identify inappropriate use, etc.

Furthermore, users shall agree before using the website that, should a user violate these conditions, DAAS reserves the right to stop the use of the relevant content; individual pieces of information (data); aggregates of information (data); software; or reproduced, disclosed, transmitted, distributed, transferred, lent, translated, adapted, licensed, reprinted, or otherwise reused item(s). Users shall also likewise agree that DAAS reserves the right to demand that the above user pay to DAAS an amount equivalent to the amount the user gained by engaging in any of the abovementioned activities.

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