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For all information provided to members by DAAS (DAAS Membership Agreement, Privacy Policy, Personal Information Policy, etc.), that contained in the Japanese shall have priority. Please be aware that information in other languages is provided for reference purposes only.

DAAS privacy policy

Based on its responsibility as the organization that manages the DAAS website, DAAS takes great care to protect the personal information of all users. Specifically, DAAS manages and uses personal information based on the following guidelines; please read them before using the website. By entering personal information into the DAAS website, you are agreeing to allow DAAS to handle the entered information.

What is personal information?

DAAS defines personal information as follows: “Personal information is information pertaining to an individual. It refers to information that can identify the relevant individual, such as name, date of birth, or other notation included in said information; numbers, codes, or other symbols that are assigned to the individual; and images and sounds. (It also includes information that, while not sufficient to identify the individual alone, can be used easily in comparison with other information to identify the individual.)”

Responsibility for personal information management

DAAS shall take responsibility for managing personal information.

Purpose of collecting personal information

DAAS collects personal information to the extent necessary to allow access to the DAAS website based on users’ consent.

Use and supply of personal information

DAAS shall not use or supply personal information for purposes other than that mentioned above. If it becomes necessary for DAAS to use or supply personal information for a purpose other than that mentioned above, DAAS shall do so only after notifying and gaining the consent of the relevant individual.

If personal information is not provided to DAAS

Whether or not to register personal information when using DAAS website member services is left to the discretion of individual DAAS members. However, if a member does not enter the required items for each member service, the member will not be able to use the relevant member service.

Display, correction, and deletion of personal information

DAAS members may ask DAAS to display their registered personal information at any time. Correction and/or deletion of personal information can be performed at any time from the confirm/edit registered information webpage. Any questions regarding the use of these functions can be directed to DAAS using the Inquiry Form.


DAAS may entrust personal information to an outsourcing partner when it outsources management of personal information. When DAAS engages in outsourcing, it will select its outsourcing partner based on the condition that the partner has secured a sufficient level of personal information protection, and then DAAS will sign a nondisclosure agreement with the partner.

Management of personal information

DAAS will work to continually implement necessary safety measures in terms of both technology and organization in order to respond to risks of inappropriate access to personal information as well as of loss, destruction, manipulation, or leakage of personal information.

Changes to this document

DAAS will regular review the content of this document and may change its content without prior notification.

*To make inquiries on use of personal information, please use the Inquiry Form.

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