About DAAS

DAAS (Digital Archives for Architectural Space) is a project that seeks to collect and utilize photographs, drawings, and other data/materials pertaining to structures in Japan. The project is being promoted by architect Fumihiko Maki and other experts in architectural and information technologies.

In Japan of the modern age-and in particular the period of rapid economic growth-a large number of exquisite structures have appeared. Drawings, photographs, and other data/materials of these structures are extremely valuable and are, in fact, works of art in themselves.

By collecting digitalized drawings, photographs, and other such data/materials into a digital archive, the DAAS project aims to preserve these important items. And, by actively making the data/materials available to the general public both in Japan and abroad via the Internet (while remembering to protect rights possessed by authors, right’s holders, building owners, designers, and others), DAAS hopes to promote further development of the information-based society.

Video of DAAS activities

This video presents DAAS’s activities. It features talks by people in various fields connected with architecture and space on the significance of digital archives and their expectations for DAAS.

See video *This video is in Japanese.

The DAAS Consortium

As part of the DAAS project, an inaugural meeting and board meeting were held on December 4, 2006. These meetings led to the establishment of the DAAS Consortium, a body comprised of related companies, organizations, and individuals.

The Consortium intends to promote even more active approaches in the future.