Q: I cannot view the data/material.

In order to view photographs and other data/materials, you must register as a member and then log in.

Q: I cannot link to visual images.

If you wish to link to photographs or other data/materials from another website, please use the curator function. Please see using architectural data/materials for details.

Q: I registered as a member, but I have not received a confirmation message by e-mail.

For member registration and other actions that require confirmation, the DAAS office will send such confirmation to you by e-mail. First, please reread the“member registration process” web page. If the message still does not arrive after you have waited some time, please contact DAAS using the form below after checking to make sure that your spam filter or antiviral software is not blocking the message in error.

Q: Is a fee charged for member registration? Is a fee charged to view information?

Both registration and viewing are free of charge. DAAS seeks to become an archive that is supported through the active use of all members.

Q: I’m experiencing a problem. Who should I contact?

Please send any other questions or inquiries you have to DAAS using the Inquiry Form.