DAAS’s philosophy regarding use of data/materials

DAAS stores an extremely large number of digitalized architectural data/materials that include photographs and designs. DAAS’s basic philosophy regarding the use of these stored data/materials center on the following three goals.

1. Maximum effort should be made to protect the copyrights of rights’ holders.
2. A flexible approach should be taken to meet various use objectives.
3. A contribution to the development of architecture should be made by promoting data/material use.

In order to realize these goals, DAAS provides a “curator support function” that allows the use of stored data/materials on websites (of both individuals and corporations) that are other than the DAAS website.

Using the curator function

Users of this function must register website URLs that will reference or display data/materials. Unfortunately, however, full testing of this function toward use by all users has not been completed, and thus it is currently being provided as a beta version.

Please direct inquiries regarding the curator function to the DAAS office from the inquiries page.