Regarding supply of architectural data/materials

DAAS hopes to store an even greater number of architectural data/materials-such as digitalized photographs and drawings-and to make these data/materials available to the public. By doing so, DAAS intends to contribute to the development of architectural education and culture by passing on data/materials relating to distinguished structures and architecture to coming generations. To achieve this goal, DAAS asks for the public’s approval of its aims and for the supply of a broad range of items from those who possess architectural data/materials.

Handling of copyrights

DAAS keeps data/material supplied to it as the data/material holder. Copyrights are kept by the person who supplied the data/material as the rights’ holder. Related information may be added to all data/materials kept by DAAS, and, in principle, the names of rights’ holders are provided in the “data/material copyright holder” section. In general, this information will be made available on the Internet. People who do not wish to have this information made public are asked to consult with DAAS beforehand.

Please contact DAAS for cases in which the abovementioned description does not apply (transfer of copyright, etc.).

To people wishing to store data/material with DAAS…

DAAS is currently moving forward with preparations to receive data/materials from architects, architectural photographers, and architectural historians in Japan, the country in which DAAS’s activities are based.
However, any person who is considering informing DAAS about a distinguished structure-regardless of whether it is in Japan or overseas-and providing relevant data/materials is invited to contact the DAAS office through the inquiries page.

Please direct inquiries regarding the curator function to the DAAS office from the inquiries page.