Note pertaining to “security policy” in the English version

For all information provided to members by DAAS (DAAS Membership Agreement, Privacy Policy, Personal Information Policy, etc.), that contained in the Japanese shall have priority. Please be aware that information in other languages is provided for reference purposes only.


Although every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of information provided by the DAAS website (hereinafter “the website”), the Digital Archives for Architectural Space Consortium (hereinafter “DAAS”) assumes no responsibility for any actions taken by users who use information provided by the website. Likewise, DAAS assumes no responsibility whatsoever for damage or loss suffered by users because they accessed the DAAS site, regardless of the circumstances.

Current status of data/materials

Photographs and information appearing in the website are current as of the time the relevant photograph was taken or the relevant information was obtained, and therefore they may not reflect current conditions.


Links may be freely made to the DAAS website top page(http://www.daas.jp/en/)or to DAAS news. Although no prior communication is required with regard to such links to the DAAS website, DAAS requests that, if possible, the URL of a linking website should be provided to it via the Inquiry Form.

As for links to individual data/materials, in general direct links are not permitted. However, it is possible to create links, etc., using the curator function. Please refer to “using architectural data/materials” for information on use of individual data/materials.

For links to other web pages, please consult with DAAS using the Inquiry Form.

Other matters

Please be aware that the content of this website may be changed or deleted without notice.

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